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Effective market research can help organizations understand the attitudes, behaviors, needs, wants, values, perceptions, and expectations of current and prospective customers. Using survey research, in-depth interviews, focus groups, observational research, and secondary data analysis, Nsightful Perspectives will work to provide optimal solutions to meet your organization's needs.


Does your organization need help in developing new or enhancing current strategic plans, marketing plans and campaigns, educational curriculum, employment training programs, or employment recruitment and retention strategies? Let Nsightful Perspectives help provide the comprehensive answers to your organization's strategic consulting needs. We have the consulting knowledge and experience to help your organization achieve great success.

Professional development

In order to recruit, hire, and retain top employees, organizations must provide excellent professional development programs. Nsightful Perspectives will educate, train, and develop your organizational leaders and employees by offering specialized workshops, seminars, and programs in such areas as employee mentoring, diversity and inclusion, transformational leadership, workforce and community engagement,  crisis management, and workplace equity. Nsightful Perspectives will also help your organization to better connect with and serve the needs of target audiences and customers.


Organizations face many challenges that can impact employee performance, client relationships, profits, and company sales growth. Whether you need to motivate your employees or educate constituents on important issues, Nsightful Perspectives can help. We will craft the right message to invigorate your audience and help your organization achieve its goals. Nsightful Perspectives can speak at your next event on target marketing, diversity and inclusion, advertising, employee development, leadership, overcoming adversity, eliminating "isms", personal branding, ethics, and much more.

Whether you are a nonprofit or for-profit organization, K-12 school, academic institution, or government agency, Nsightful Perspectives will help meet your organizational needs. 

– Dr. Stevie Watson, CEO & Owner
   Nsightful Perspectives LLC

About Us

Dr. Stevie Watson is the CEO and Owner of Nsightful Perspectives LLC, which provides market research, business consulting, and professional development/speaking services to organizations of all sizes and types. He is an award winning educator and scholar, and has worked with numerous organizations on marketing and business consulting projects. In addition to his expertise in market research and consulting, Dr. Watson is well-versed in employee development, public speaking, diversity and inclusion, executive advisory board management, program development, and community relations from his years of work experience as an academic administrator at two universities/colleges.

Upon receiving his Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Degree in Marketing and Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree from Mississippi State University, Stevie worked as a financial analyst, business information specialist, and marketing analyst (category management) at Bryan Foods. He went on to receive his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Degree in Business Administration (Marketing) from Mississippi State University. He received the 2003 Outstanding Doctoral Student Researcher Award in the College of Business and Industry at Mississippi State University and the 2006 American Academy of Advertising Doctoral Dissertation Grant Competition Award for his research on ethnic advertising.

Dr. Watson has served as a full-time marketing faculty member at leading research institutions such as Rutgers Business School and the University of Dayton. Most recently, he served as Dean of the School of Business at Edgewood College and Chair of the Department of Management, Marketing, and Public Administration at Bowie State University. In 2010, he was named as one of five national recipients of the prestigious Ernst & Young Inclusive Excellence Award for Accounting and Business School Faculty. His research has been published in several marketing, communication, law, and psychology journals. For examples of Dr. Watson's work in the areas of market research, business consulting, and professional development/speaking, please review the following information sources.

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